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1. Choose the service you want and schedule your online appointment.
2. You will be emailed a Login Name and Password to complete your Symptom Survey.
3. E-mail any recent bloodwork you may have had to
4. You will receive a reminder of your appointment 2 hours prior to our online consultation with instructions on how to join the online meeting through JaneApp.
5. After your consultation, you'll be given a copy of the analysis of your Symptom Survey and/ or bloodwork with a specific Plan OF Action including Whole Food Supplements and Herbs.
6. You'll be given a special code to apply for an account with Standard Process where you will be able to purchase the whole food supplements and herbs that were recommended during your consultation.
7. If you chose the full Initial Consultation instead of the Mini Health Review we will also create a Plan Of Action that may include a food modification program, a fitness strategy, lifestyle modifications, stress reduction techniques, tips for better sleep, detoxification suggestions, strategies to balance hormones, and suggestions on how to deepen your spiritual practice.
8. You will have the opportunity to schedule Follow-up Visits after the full initial Consultation to repeat the Symptom Survey and/or bloodwork to objectively measure your improvement and make appropriate changes to your Plan Of Action.
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