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Comprehensive Virtual 

Health Consulting

During the first consultation we will meet virtually for up to an hour to prioritize your health goals, review your health data, determine the underlying causes of your health complaints, and create a custom Health Plan Of Action to restore your health.

Your Custom Health Plan Of Action will include one or more of the following based upon your individual needs:

1 - Diet - Refuel your body with proper nutrient balance using vitamins and minerals

2 - Movement - Determine the best fitness strategy for your life and health

3 - Lifestyle - Bring balance to the areas of your work life, social connection, sense of purpose, cultivating pleasure, and connection with nature

4 - Stress - Increase your resilience to unavoidable daily stressors and identify areas of unnecessary stress

5 - Sleep - Improve sleep quality to increase your daily energy, stamina, mental clarity and mood

6 - Detoxification - Implement simple ways to support your body's elimination of wastes

7 - Communication - Balance your body’s internal communications (hormones), as well as analyze your daily routines

8 - Spiritual Wellbeing- Deepening your spiritual connection (for those that are open to this discussion)

Your health is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Although you may be currently struggling with an illness or symptoms, my focus is on restoring health rather than just focusing on the disease. This approach may be different than what you are used to but it is far superior for improving your overall quality of life and reducing your future risk of chronic disease.

I only work with people who are ready to make changes and who I know I can help. If I do not think that I can help you I will refer you to someone or something that can.

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