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Lyme Disease - it's that time of year again

This is the time of year that I get asked every day if there's a more natural approach to supporting the immune system in such a way that it helps with tick borne diseases. Well, the answer is yes. Go to the website and sign up for the Patient Direct with code NR4JQE. Unfortunately not all of these herbs are available on the In Site order form here. You need that special account. Once you sign up for it, Standard Process will email me to confirm that you're a patient of mine. If you are, I'll confirm your account to buy the following supplements.

Days 1-4

Artemisinin Complex (3 tablets 2 times daily) plus Myrrh Forte 4 tablets daily

Days 5-13

Viranon (1 tablet 3 times daily) plus Echinacea Premium (1 tablet 3 times daily)

For best results, 6-10 cycles are recommended.

If you want a handy chart of that, go to the product Artemisinin (in Mediherb the herb side of Standard Process where all these herbs are found) and under the product click on Specialized immune protocol. That will give you a downloadable chart of the above.

Hope that helps,


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